Terms and conditions

Mr.Rudi Music Club is a brand running under “Rudenberg LTD” company.

1. Mr.Rudi Music Club website provides information on cultural events and sells tickets. The site is not fully event organizer and is not responsible for the quality of the programs some times.

2. The site receives all information materials from the organizer of the programs.

3. The organizer of the event is responsible for the quality of the events held and service.

4. The Mr.Rudi Music Club sells tickets at the prices set by the event organizers. An additional service fee will be charged. The entrance ticket will show the price without the service charge.

5. When purchasing tickets on the site, you agree that the site owners are not responsible for fulfilling the duties of the event organizer and agree with the rules for purchasing tickets on our site.

6. When purchasing tickets on this site, you agree to receive information about cultural events in Israel to your email address and / or mobile phone specified in the order.

7. The site administration reserves the right to change and/or supplement the existing agreement at its discretion at any time without mandatory prior/subsequent notification. Any changes to the Rules will be posted on this page.

8. You must keep this Ticket untill end of the Event.

Your ticket may be invalidated if any part of it is removed, altered or damaged.

When purchasing, please check, as errors cannot always be corrected after purchase.

Tickets will not be issued on a return-to-seller basis and no refunds will be issued for returned Tickets unless provided for in these Terms. The Organizer is not responsible for the loss, theft or destruction of the Ticket. In any case, be sure that the electronic Ticket is with you.

You are solely responsible for the safety of your Ticket. It is not always possible to issue duplicate tickets. If duplicates are issued, a reasonable administration fee may apply.

Your Ticket will be verified by the Bar Code scan action, the data must match, otherwise, the Ticket will be invalid on suspicion of fraud.

If you bought a ticket as a gift and the data when placing the order will not coincide with the owner of the ticket, please indicate your number in advance in the field when placing an order.

For all questions, please call: 077-2200064 | 053-3451045


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